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Language Detection


This is a simple language detection api that uses language-detection library.


The usage is very simple. Just send a GET request to the following endpoint:

For example, if you want to detect the language of the text This is an api, you can send a GET request to the following url:

curl -X GET ""

The response will be a JSON object with the following structure:

  "status": "success",
  "input": "This is an api",
  "result": "en",
  "probability": 0.6382647385984428,
  "languages": {
    "en": 0.6382647385984428,
    "ga": 0.6058954393770857,
    "gd": 0.603337041156841,
    "jv": 0.5913236929922135,
    "ay": 0.5872080088987764


The following parameters are available:

Parameter Description Default Required
q The text to detect the language of - ✔️
n The number of languages to return 5


This api is only for testing purposes. It is not recommended to use it in production, as its results are not always accurate.