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QR Code Generator API


This is a simple QR code generator api that uses the php-qrcode library.


To use this api, just send a GET request to the following endpoint:

For example, if you want to generate a QR code for the text API.JM26.NET, you can send a GET request to the following url:

curl -X GET ""

The response will be this image:

QR Code


Parameter Description Default Required
d The data to encode API.JM26.NET ✔️
s The size 300
w The width 150
h The height 150
bc The background color #ffffff
fc The foreground color #000000
sf The scale factor 4
sx The horizontal scale factor -
sy The vertical scale factor -
p The padding 0
pv The vertical padding -
ph The horizontal padding -
pt The top padding -
pl The left padding -
wq The width of the quiet area 1
wm The width of the narrow modules and spaces 1

Simple UI

You can also use the simple ui to generate QR codes. This is a very basic UI that allows you to generate QR codes with the default parameters.